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Best Laptops 2014-2015 

Determining which the best laptops of 2014-2015 are is not an easy task. Manufacturers have lowered prices dramatically and made the machines faster, many can replace the need for a desktop. The best laptops are going to be really outstanding machines that meet a full range of price points.  


Less Is More  

First category of best is the budget conscious machines. HP Touch Smart LZ is a great option for a smaller affordable laptop the screen size is 11.5 inches but this little machine packs quite a punch for under $400. This laptop has an easy to use touch screen, weighs around 3 pounds and has a 6 hour battery life!  

Acer  C720 can be had for less than $200. It is a Chromebook which relies on Chrome OS and is great for web surfing but little else. The option is worth mentioning but it really does not make the best of list because while Google is offering free space in the cloud to consumers during their first two years of ownership after that point they will only be able to access the Google cloud through a subscription service. Maybe down the road these machines will wind up offering a better package deal. 


Best Laptops 2014-2015 - MidRange 


Best in the midrange price category is the Lenovo Think Pad U430 Touch Screen. This laptop is lightweight has some great features that you will find in higher end models and an 8 hour battery life according to the consumer reports we have read! Powered by 4th gen i5 Processor. It is sleek and fast. The cost? Around $600. 

ASUS Transformer Book is a great option in the mid price range category. This hybrid easily switches from laptop to tablet and Android OS to Windows 8.1. it has a generous 13 inch screen. The touch screen can easily be removed from the docking base and utilize its own  


128 GB SSD. This is a great hybrid machine that costs under $600! 


Best Laptops 2014-2015 - Expensive

The meaning of expensive has changed when it comes to laptops. Anything over $1000 can be considered the upper range of costs. Clearly if you can buy a great useable machine and pay $600 than a machine is twice as expensive should be able to work wonders.  

Apple tops the list of best laptops of 2014-2015 with the Mac Book Air. This is a lightweight machine that moves as fast as you can imagine and has a battery life that exceeds 9 hours. The only down side to the Mac Book Air is the price it is roughly $1300. While three years ago $1300 for a laptop was fairly common today it is high priced.  

Acer Aspire offers their version of the Ultrabook the S7. It is about a half an inch thick and weighs less than three pounds. It is full of bells and whistles at right around $1200. 

The best laptops of 2014-2015 come in a full range of prices. Set your budget before you shop and you will easily be able to find a great laptop to suit your needs!